Classes Starts from January 8th 2019  


For Regular Class only 30 Members                                                                 Online Class: 50 Members Alone

Class Timing Evening 5.30 to 8 P.M

Regular Class / Fees Prelims cum Mains 40,000 (Prelims Alone 20,000) 

Class No /week Subject  / Tuesday Subject /Wednesday Subject /Thursday Subject /Friday
1. Polity Introduction of the Subject Old Question Paper discussion Geography Introduction of the Subject Old Question Paper discussion History Introduction of the Subject Old Question Paper discussion History Introduction of the Subject Old Question Paper discussion
  1.Evloution of Constitution 2.Constituon Assembly & Making of Constitution 3.sources of Indian Constitution /Schedules 4.Important Articles 5. Important Amendments 6.Special Features 7.Federal & Unitary Structure 8.Preamble & related cases 9.Integration/reorganization of States/ 10.Union and territories 1.Introductions to Universe 2.Planets / Motions of the Earth; Latitudes and longitudes; Standard Time 3.Earth structure /rocks 4.Earth Quake/volcano 5.weathering 6.Landforms by water 7.Landform by Glacier 8.Landform by wind 1.Introduction to Prehistoric 2.Indus Valley Civilization 3.Mahajanapada/mauryan Dynasty 4. Jainism, Buddhism 5.Guptas 6.South Indian History 7.Sangam/Kalapiras 8.Chalukya, pallavas 9.Medevial India 10. Art/Administration of Ancient history         Conversion of information to data ‐ Collection, compilation and presentation of data ‐ Tables, graphs, diagrams‐ Parametric representation of data‐Analytical interpretation of data
2 11.Citizenship 12.Fundamental Rights 13.DPSP/duties 14.Amendment procedure 15.Emergency Provisions 16.Union Govt/Parliament 17. State Govt/legislature 18.President/Governor 19.Supreme court/high court 9.Oceans/movement/currents 10.Climate/weather 11. Rainfall 12.winds and Monsoon 13.Atmosphere 14.Soils/types 15.India,s Geography/location 16.Rivers/Forests 17.Disaster Management 18. Tamilnadu Geography 11.Delhi Sultane 12.Mughals 13.Vijayanagar/Bamini 14.Marathas 15.European Invasion 16.Emergence of British Power 17. Important Wars 18.Lords and their work upto 1857 19.Socio Religious Movements Simplification‐ Percentage‐Highest Common Factor (HCF)‐Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)‐Ratio and Proportion
3  20.Centre state relation 21. Various Commissions (FC|Nity Ayog) 22.Committes related to Polity 23.Prime Minister President and Vice Presidents 24. National symbols 25.Political Parties| Electoral reforms 26.Panjaytraj/nagarpalika 27.Women Empowerment 28.Lokpal/Lokayukta/CVC 29.Important Cases/Judgments 30.Consumer Protection etc  Introduction of the Subject Old Question Paper discussion /Economy 1.Nature of Indian Economy 2.Five year Planning/Niti Ayog/planning Commission 3.Land reform /Agriculture 4.National Income /GDP/GNP 5.Capital Formation/ Industrial development 6.Disinvestment/Price policy/PDS 7.Banking/monetary policy 8.Budget/Fiscal Policy 9.FDI/WTO 10.Economic Reforms/Globalization 20. Pre Congress organization 21.Formation of Congress and its work upto1919 22.Gandhian Era 23.Terrsist Organization and Movements 24.Important Events 1857 to 1947 25.Important Leaders in National Movement 26. Role of Tamilnadu in Freedom Movement  Simple interest‐Compound interest‐Area‐Volume‐Time and Work‐ Behavioral ability
4 11.Rural Development/ related program 12.Poverty/unemployment 13.Tamilnadu Economy 14.Schemes by Tamilnadu/union government 15.Important committees in economy Science Introduction of the Subject Old Question Paper discussion  1.Basic Science law and its Applications (Physic) 2.Science Research Institutions 3. Measurement (SI Units) 4. Motion and Its Types 5.Energy/power 6.Heat   Decision making and problem solving Logical Reasoning Puzzles – Dice ‐ Visual Reasoning‐ Alpha numeric Reasoning‐ Number Series ‐ Logical Number/Alphabetical/Diagrammatic Sequences.
5 Chemistry 1.Periodic Table 2.Elements and Compounds 3.Acid Bases and Salt 4. Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides 5. Carbon & Nitrogen Related 6.Oxidation and Reduction 7.plastic & polymers   7.Light 8.Waves 9.Magnestism 10.Sound 11.Nuclear Science 12.Space Science Basic terms, Communications in information technology ‐ Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
6 Botany Evolution of Plants Classification of Living Organism 3. Various theory’s  4. Bacteria/Virus 5.Nutrition and dietetics Zoology 1. Organ and organ system 2. Digestive system 3.proteins/nutrition’s / Mal Nutrition’s 4. Human respiratory system 5.Blood and Blood Circulation   6.Diseases 7.Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases 8.Drug and Drug Abuse 9.Environment and Ecology 10..Genetics and Bio Technology Revision on Maths

Those who pay fees 15,000 they can avail All Classes for this year Group 1, 2 & 2a and Group 4 (Including Test Batch)

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