Dear Aspirants Already Paper I analysis was done. In this Article am discussing about paper II of the Group I Mains 2017

Paper – II Unit – I polity

3 Marks

Indian polity Easy Medium Tough
1.   Non Tax revenue sources of Municipal ( Many people may not expect this question but answered well)
2.   The grounds for the proclamation of Financial emergency ( India never used article 360 so aspirants gave less attention but they can manage but answer to the point is little difficult many explained what is article 360 not the grounds )
3.   Meaning of Scheduled Areas ( UPSC Aspirants have done this question well , TNPSC Aspirants struggles because we study what is 5th Schedule only )
4.   Legislation to the Supplement the Constitution ( it’s a  difficult Question can answer those who understand the some basics of the passing of bills. The Answer is the constitution says in some cases can parliament can pass in certain areas ,example Article 11 gave powers to the Parliament of India to regulate the right of citizenship by law
5.   Writs associated with Constitutional remedies
6.   About Article 1 of the Constitution
7.   Constitutional Provision to remove Supreme court Judge for “proven Misbehavior” – ( it’s about removal procedure of Supreme court Judge )
8.   When Fundamentals Duties were incorporated?  
9.   Types of Appeals in Supreme Court ( Those who Followed Disproportionate Case or Perarivalan Case can answer it easily , in LakshmiKandh book also available but many Confused with Writes )
10.        Objectives of Social Audit ( Unexpectedly appeared in Polity Part ,  )


Paper – II Unit – II Polity

8 Marks

1.   Indian polity Easy Medium Tough
2.   Functions of Official Language Commission ( many answered well)
3.   Qualification and Disqualifications of Parliamentary Members ( no need to Explain the nature of the question)
4. Sources of Municipal Income ( many may expect this in Administration but came in polity ) ( Many people Managed but not answered exactly )
5.   Financial Relations between Union and States ( everyone Answered because everyone expected , every institute carried this questions in their test series )
6.   Functions of Central Social Welfare board (Unexpectedly appeared in Polity Part )


Paper – II Unit – III Polity

15 Marks

Indian polity Easy Medium Tough
1.   Unitary Features of Indian Constitution
2.   Elaborate the Citizenship Act 1955 ( repeated Question)

General Observation

  • The Questioner not yet changed since Ancient Time of TNPSC Expect 3 marks Questions
  • Many in 8 & 15 mark Question are repeated ones ( Unitary Feature , Citizenship act , Financial Relation between union and states )
  • Those who practiced previous year question paper excelled in polity part expect 3 mark question
  • This time they left questions on Fundamental rights, India’s Foreign policy, Elections.
  • Through 3 mark Questions Questioner tried to play with aspirants in Time Management


Paper – II Unit – I Geography

3 Marks

Geography Easy Medium Tough
1.   Green House Gases
2.   Define Ethnicity ( Repeated question )
3.   Pollution
4.   Natural disasters
5.   Latitudes
6.   Regolith ( for UPSC Aspirants it’s a cakewalk )
7.   Aurora borealis formation ( those who studies with understanding otherwise its time consuming question)
8.   Norwesters Formation ( we many know what is norwesters not the formation)
9.   Bihar Sorrows   –
10.        Pat lands of India ( Chotanagpur  Plateau )


Paper – II Unit – II Geography

8 Marks

Geography Easy Medium Tough
1.   Factors Affecting Agriculture in India ( Relevance to Current Affairs , After Debt paid the UP Govt , Madhya Pradesh Farmer Protest , Tamilnadu Farmers protest many article came ) ( Many people tried to Manage with valid points)
2.   Types of Rainfall
3.   Types of Rocks
4.   Distribution of Natural Vegetation in India
5.   Renewable energy in India


Paper – II Unit – III Geography

15 Marks

Geography Easy Medium Tough
1.   Need for Conservation of Nature ( analytical type of Question but many people can manage without read anything by their own knowledge but some Valid points couldn’t written )
2.   About Environmental Pollution ü

General Observation

  • All Questions can be answered by Aspirants but many people not giving importance to Geography 
  • Mostly Direct Questions expect few ( need for Conservation of Nature , Norwest or like )
  • Commission Expect mains Aspirants must refer some books other than School book
  • Catchy Phrases mindset yet to be changed still they are asking, Norwestor , Mango showers . In every year it’s appeared in Mains Question paper.
Unit II of this paper need not be analyzed because it’s common to all and there is no changes but this sections favors only to the aspirant who chosen English. For a Tamil student needs to prepare lot but English student can be write without any special preparation


Paper – II Unit – I Tamilnadu Administration

Tamilnadu Administration   Easy Medium Tough
1.   Annal Gandhi memorial award ( fall from the sky never appeared in any news. The award was instituted by TN govt in 2012 for Adi Dravider Students who secure district first in +2)
2.   Discretionary powers of the governor ( yes many watched when Former T.N Governor Vidya sagar rao refused to form government by sasikala even have majority support of legislative members so everyone answered )       –
3.   Composition of UPSC ( no need to explain )
4.   Money Bill ( it’s easy question many confused why this question appeared in Administration because it comes under union and state financial administration part )
5.   Functions of district social welfare officer( those who in govt service aware of the social welfare board anyway its repeated question )
6.   Minimum Needs Programm ( its implemented in fifth five year plan period to provide basic amenities to the people anyhow many people managed with their economy preparation. This question falls under welfare program)
7.   Six Indicators of good governance ( it’s an unexpected questions but can be manageable those who studied administration part effectively )
8.   Financial power of Parliament ( nothing its simply represent the budget of the government )


Paper – II Unit – I Tamilnadu Administration

Tamilnadu Administration   Easy Medium Tough
1.   Industrial promotion of Agencies of Tamilnadu (this is the another form of question of SIPCOT, TIDCO like asked in previous year examination)
2.   Functions of state secretariat ( repeated one )
3.   State Resident Data Hub ( its associated with Current issues because its relevant with  AADHAAR its appeared in Hindu September , 9,2017 )
4.   Pre requisites of effective planning ( common question many answered it )
5.   Five modes of Acquiring the citizenship as per Indian Citizenship act 1955 ( it’s a repeated question but 2013 its appeared in polity this time in admin that’s the different


Paper – II Unit – III Tamilnadu Administration

Tamilnadu Administration   Easy Medium Tough
1.   Evaluate the role of Prime minister office ( Good questions many not touched the administration part because aspirants approach union government in polity manner they didn’t understand polity is different from administration )
2.   E- Governance Citizen- IT Interface (those who read some reference book or read paper can answer like e-district – online application of license
3.   Budget (many time asked in Economic but this time they asked in Administration )


General Observation

  • Many aspirants expected Administration part is going to be very tough after wrote last group II mains because that question was very hard . but the question setter not yet changed and needs to be changed
  • In this particular unit those who have written mains earlier could be scored well
  • New aspirants not prepared as like senior prepared because new aspirants focused only Administration and Schemes not portions according to syllabus
  • And there are no proper sources and books for this unit. And this unit combination of various subjects, industrial map is part of geography, budget and financial administration from public administration , schemes have to be studied in various Govt document and policies
  • Finally administration is the reflection of old question paper.

Final observation

  • There is no change in the paper as expected by the aspirants after writing group II mains.
  • Many Serious aspirants can complete the paper even those who prepared minimum level with previous year question paper because most of the questions are the replica (except) of old questions from 2008 Mains.
  • Those who completed paper with valid points can be able to score around 200 marks





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