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Are you a UPSC aspirant ready to take your prelims preparation to the next level? Look no further than the Zero to Hero Test Series! This free initiative, designed specifically for those who have already attempted the prelims, is here to fuel your journey towards UPSC success.

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With only 60 offline spots available, this series offers personalized attention and a focused environment. But remember, dedication is key! Missing two consecutive tests will mean your journey ends here.

Sharpen Your Skills, Conquer the Exam:

Our Mission:

  • Mirror the UPSC: Our questions meticulously reflect the exam’s pattern and standard, ensuring you’re tested on what truly matters.
  • Master Your Mistakes: Learn from your past errors through detailed analysis and expert guidance.
  • Evolve with the Trend: Stay ahead of the curve with questions aligned with the UPSC’s latest trends and expectations.
  • Unlock Your Potential: Increase your chances of cracking the prelims and taking a decisive step towards your UPSC dream.


Test Timing  2 PM


Subject No of Tests
Polity 3
Economy 3
Environment and Ecology 3
History of India & Indian National Movement  3
Geography 3
Science & Technology 2
Current Affairs Test 1
Revision Test 6
Model Test 2

UPSC -Zero to Hero Test Series – Free Test Series


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