Brain Buster Batch – 2 – Group 1 Test Series Starts from April 5th


Group 1 Test Schedule in English

Group 1 Test Schedule in Tamil

Enroll in our Group 1 Prelims Test Series ” Brain Buster -100 ” and unlock 20 FREE Mains Tests to boost your writing skills and secure your dream post!

➡️ Sharpens your writing: Master the format and tackle Mains questions with confidence.

➡️ Identify your strengths & weaknesses.

➡️ Built-in advantage: Practice makes perfect, and these tests give you the edge you need.                                                                                  Schedule is on the Way

➡️ Approach Paper for Each Test – Syllabus Decoded – PYQ Topic wise

➡️ Exclusive Printed Prelims Current Affairs only for Students

➡️ Explanations sheets for Each Tests Except (Macro Tests)

➡️ Only for Test 5K with Explanation and With Sources fee is 10k ( PDF)

➡️ Question and Explanation will be in Bilingual (Tamil and English) PDF format only for both Offline and Online Students  

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