Brain Buster Batch – 2 – Group 1 Test Series Starts from April 5th


Group 1 Test Schedule in English

Group 1 Test Schedule in Tamil

Enroll in our Group 1 Prelims Test Series ” Brain Buster -100 ” and unlock 20 FREE Mains Tests to boost your writing skills and secure your dream post!

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UPSC – Zero to Hero| Cost Free Prelims Test Series | Total Tests 30 | Iyachamy Academy

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Are you a UPSC aspirant ready to take your prelims preparation to the next level? Look no further than the Zero to Hero Test Series! This free initiative, designed specifically for those who have already attempted the prelims, is here to fuel your journey towards UPSC success.

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Test Timing  2 PM


Subject No of Tests
Polity 3
Economy 3
Environment and Ecology 3
History of India & Indian National Movement  3
Geography 3
Science & Technology 2
Current Affairs Test 1
Revision Test 6
Model Test 2

UPSC -Zero to Hero Test Series – Free Test Series


Edu peruku Group 1 Mains Program | Iyachamy Academy 2024



  • Writing skills: Learn to write concisely, clearly, and effectively.
  • Knowledge of current affairs: Stay up-to-date on the latest news and events.
  • Critical thinking skills: Analyze information and form informed opinions.
  • Comprehensive materials: Access to news articles, analysis, and decoded syllabus
  • Daily tests: Get feedback on your writing and track your progress.
  • Mentoring: Receive guidance and support from Iyachamy Murugan.
  • Benchmark evaluation: Compare your writing to others and see how you improve.



Gr 1 Mains ஏடு பெருக்கு day 1 Keys in English

Gr 1 Mains ஏடு பெருக்கு day 1 Keys in Tamil

Group 1 Prelims – Thadai Athai udai Test Series – 2024

Why Thadai Athai Udai Batch ?

Laser-focused syllabus coverage: Our test series meticulously covers all key topics outlined in the TNPSC Group 1 Prelims syllabus.

Challenge yourself, conquer the exam: We offer a range of difficulty levels in our practice questions, from moderate to challenging, mirroring the actual exam’s competitive nature.

Familiarize yourself with the format: Our varied question formats – MCQs, matching, assertion-reason, arrangement, and statement analysis – closely resemble the actual exam pattern, giving you valuable practice and reducing test anxiety.

Go beyond practice questions:

Mock tests that feel real: Immerse yourself in simulated mock tests under timed conditions, replicating the actual exam environment and building your confidence for the real deal.

Expert guidance at your fingertips: Gain invaluable insights from subject matter experts who provide targeted guidance on crucial topics, exam strategies, and detailed answer analysis.

Track your progress, refine your approach: Analyze your performance in mock tests to identify areas for improvement and adjust your preparation accordingly.

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Thadai Athai Udai final Schedule – Gr 1 Prelims 2024

 Gr_1_Prelims_ Thadai_Athai_Udai_Test-1

TNPSC Group 1 | 2 Interview | Kaleidoscope of Tamil Nadu’s Past and Present | Current Issues on Tamilnadu| Interview Orientation

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A Kaleidoscope of Tamil Nadu’s Past and Presents